Five Important Factors Influenced by Proper Airflow

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Factor No.1

Equipment Longevity, to get the longest lift expectancy from forced-air HVAC equipment, airflow must be correct. This equipment is designed to operate within a specific airflow range. When airflow is outside this range, the life of the equipment is severely impacted. Some of these impacts show up quickly while others take years to appear.


Factor No.2

Equipment Efficiency, airflow is the main factor determining equipment efficiency and the foundation for the btu formulas needed to determine it. If airflow is incorrect, everything else will be incorrect.


Factor No.3

Safety, a factor that is easy to forget regarding proper airflow is safety. Airflow imbalances can contribute to unsafe conditions being created in a home or building anytime the blower is operating. These imbalances are created by both duct leakage and/or a leak of air balancing. The potential of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning due to airflow imbalances is at the top of the safety list.


Factor No.4

Comfort, The proper amount of delivered airflow to an individual room is one of the primary factors affecting Comfort. When room airflow is low, it’s certain that room will be hot in the summer and cold in the winter.


Factor No.5

System Efficiency, not only is equipment efficiency influenced by proper airflow, so is system efficiency. It’s important to understand equipment efficiency is not system efficiency. The equipment is a component of the system you build, not the system itself.