Don’t Fall For Too Good To Be True Gimmicks

Be weary of cheap maintenance gimmicks. “$29, $39, $49 Tune-Up Special! This Month Only? New Customers Only!” Be careful, any legitimate air conditioning company can not make a fair profit and provide excellent customer service at a cheap Air Conditioner Tune Up price. The fact is, they have to sell you something in order to make a profit.

R-22 Air Conditioning Systems can not be repaired

Yes they can. Just because your system is older and has the old refrigerant inside it doesn’t mean it can not be repaired. It may be costly to do so considering that the R-22 refrigerant is costly but you should be given the option. Get a second opinion before you make a costly mistake.

Avoid Duct Cleaning Scams

When you hire someone to put up wallpaper or build a fence, it’s easy to see whether it’s a good job. But with services like air duct cleaning, there’s much more risk of fraud because the homeowner can’t easily check the work. A disreputable company may not have the proper equipment to do a quality air duct cleaning job, may overcharge you, may leave the ducts dirty or filled with debris and may even do costly damage to your home’s HVAC system. Some companies entice with very low offers, such as $59 for a whole-house cleaning, then pile on extra charges. Ask what kind of duct cleaning machine they use?. What is the process of duct cleaning what is involved? And if your ducts are over 10 years old or made from fiberglass duct board don’t do it. It can cause more harm than good.