The air conditioning system is the most expensive and important appliance in your home. When the time comes to make an investment for a new air conditioning system it’s not so much the brand of air conditioner that matters. What’s important is who and how the Cape Coral, FL air conditioner gets installed. There are many questions that need to be asked when choosing the right Cape Coral, FL HVAC contractor to install your air conditioning system. For example, some questions you may want to ask are, Can the air conditioner be repaired and if so, is it worth doing so? How long has the air conditioning company been in business? Do they have any negative reviews? Is the business owner also the license holder? Can they show an updated proof of worker’s compensation and liability insurance? Why do they choose a particular brand of air conditioning equipment? Do they use subcontractors to install the ac equipment? Will they pull a city permit? Will they be performing a load calculation? What kind of warranty and guarantees are they offering? Do they offer financing?

These are just a few of the questions you may want to be asking your Cape Coral, FL air conditioning contractor when you decide in investing towards a new air conditioning system. You should get three bids or estimates from three reputable HVAC companies. Focus on the value more than the price of the estimate. What’s going to happen after the sale? Will the Cape Coral, FL air conditioning company who installed your new ac system come out immediately when there is an issue? Will they pick up the phone late at night? As the old saying goes “You get what you paid for.” Remember this, The Bitterness Of Poor Quality Lingers Long After The Sweetness Of Low Cost Is Forgotten. What good is it if the new ac system was cheap but your uncomfortable and they ac contractor has to keep coming out to fix it while charging you? A new air conditioning system is an important investment and should not be taken lightly make sure you do your research. Or, just be on the safe side and choose Independent Air Conditioning, Inc. to install your new air conditioning system in Cape Coral, FL.