Routine maintenance extends the life and maximizes the efficiency of your air conditioning system. When choosing a Fort Myers, FL air conditioning company to provide maintenance on your ac system ask several questions. For example, How long has the air conditioning company been in business? Do they have any negative reviews? Is the business owner also the license holder? Can they show an updated proof of worker’s compensation and liability insurance? Are the technicians professionally trained? Are they going to sell me something I don’t need? Are they uniformed and background checked? Do they charge a flat rate for needed repairs? Do they warranty and guarantee their air conditioning repairs?

Be weary of cheap maintenance gimmicks. “$29, $39, $49 Tune-Up Special! This Month Only? New Customers Only!” Be careful, any legitimate Fort Myers, FL air conditioning company can not make a fair profit and provide excellent customer service at a cheap Air Conditioner Tune Up price. The fact is, they have to sell you something in order to make a profit. When was the last time you had a descent lunch or dinner for two and it cost only $29? An air conditioning company can not send a fully stocked truck with an employee while including fuel cost, insurance and material to your home and give you a legitimate maintenance service for a cheap price. And if it is a commission based employee then its guaranteed they will sell you something. Avoid the scare tactics, pressure sales and gimmicks. Invest in your air conditioning system and look for a fair legitimate Fort Myers, FL maintenance service.

As a Comfort Plan Member you receive the following:

  1. Priority Service
  2. 15% Discount on all repairs
  3. Two 15 Point Precision Maintenance Visits Per Year
  4. NO Service Call Fees
  5. NO Overtime Fees.

Once the technician finishes the Fort Myers, FL air conditioning maintenance you will receive a comprehensive color coded diagnostic report explaining the status of your air conditioning system. If needed, recommendations will be outlined in order of importance to further maintain the air conditioners optimal efficiency and longevity.