You should get three bids or estimates from three reputable HVAC or Pool companies. Focus on the value more than the price of the estimate. What’s going to happen after the sale? Will the company who installed your pool heater come out immediately when there is an issue? As the old saying goes “You get what you paid for.” Remember this, The Bitterness Of Poor Quality Lingers Long After The Sweetness Of Low Cost Is Forgotten. What good is it if the pool heater was cheap but your pool is still cold and the company has to keep coming out to fix it while charging you? A new pool heater is an important investment and should not be taken lightly make sure you do your research. Or, just be on the safe side and choose Independent Air Conditioning, Inc. to install your new pool heater. All our pool heaters come with a 5 years parts and labor warranty and the pool heaters are locally designed and assembled.